Zongzi Lover In The Zestful Festivals: Energy & Digestion Hacks

As we get ready for the Dragon Boat Festival celebrations, it’s a good time to think about staying healthy and energised. Just like the paddlers in a dragon boat race, our bodies need a strong push to reach our goals. In this scenario, BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL comes in handy – it’s like having a trusted buddy to boost your metabolism and keep you feeling lively.

Imagine your body as a dragon boat, navigating the challenges of daily life. The paddlers represent the enzymes inside us, which help our metabolism and turn food into energy. Like a skilled team of paddlers, efficient enzymes keep things running smoothly and help us perform our best.

Amidst the festivals, indulging in traditional treats like Zongzi (粽子) is inevitable. However, excessive consumption of these dense, glutinous rice dumplings can hinder digestion and lead to discomfort and bloating. That’s where BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL comes in. Providing additional enzymes can help break down the food more effectively, promoting smoother digestion, maximising nutrient absorption and optimising metabolism.

In addition, our metabolism tends to slow down as we age, mostly because our body’s enzyme levels drop. Plus, unhealthy habits can deplete our enzymes even faster. But don’t worry – BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL gives your body a burst of energy with powerful enzymes from: 

  • 8 years of natural fermentation.
  • Made from 98 plant ingredients using Japanese traditional natural fermentation technology.
  • Enriched essence of co-enzymes and co-factors which can maintain enzyme function, optimise digestion and obtain healthy metabolism effectively.
  • Contains micro-sized molecules for easy absorption and activates enzymes to enhance overall health.
  • Increases antioxidative stress to eliminate free radicals from the body. 

So, as you enjoy the festivities and cheer on the dragon boats, remember to give your body the support it deserves with BElixz ZENCOSO CHEWABLE BALL!